MagLev Infrastructure

Location: Denver, Colorado
Type: Infrastructural Transportation
Spring 2018

MagLev Infrastructure speculates on the future of domestic and international shipping in the United States. It speculates that with an increasing trend of decentralized manufacturing it will be necessary to move large amounts of produce, water, heavy cargo and other resources across the United States, particularly from the middle outwards.

The thirteen trillion dollar shipping industry is developing at such a rate that it necessitates reconfiguration. The Eisenhower Interstate system, along with the freight rail system is based on a model of interconnection in the United States during a time of gross suburbanization. The contingent MagLev streamlines connection by focusing on four main locations; New York, Chicago, Denver and Los Angeles. This large-scale infrastructural project expands upon the existing condition of shipping containers by increasing quantity, frequency, and speed. It is a large scale MagLev VacTrain. The image depicted represents one of the changing stations located in Denver. The two tracks have large rotating doors that allow the vacuum to be sealed. At the changing stations, these doors open up allowing both shipping container and pedestrian boarding. The towers hold storage facilities for shipping containers, and pedestrian-train cars, travel centers, hotels as well as the large amount of industrial machinery required to operate the MagLev transport. The large pavilion level is at the same height of the track allowing pedestrians to occupy the open air space. This pavilion hopes to garner a nostalgia for American Infrastructure, that allows one to realize how small they are in the large scale economic machine in which they exist.