Incognizant Occupation

Location: Culver City, California
Type: Tech Office
Spring 2018

Incognizant Occupation is a part of Pita and Bloom’s Easy Office Studio. The studio itself sought to take on the easiness of Warhol’s appropriation of the Brillo Box as art, by use of the Readymade. The first half of the studio was divided into three phases, Collect, Collage and Compress. In these phases students where to find Readymade objects, aligning with their intuition as Architects, Collage images of them, and finally, vacuum form collections of them so as to abstract their qualities and define new relationships.

The second half of the studio focused on designing an office using intuitions gained from the first three phases, as well as taking formal and relational cues from the readymades. Incognizant Occupation challenges the privacy of the current tech office by grafting a private VFX Studio and a public workshare space.

The first floor is entirely open air, accessible from either end of the warehouse allowing an open floor plan for the Workshare space. The interior walls deviate from the exterior shell, creating a liner housing the circulation for the VFX studio. A thick roof houses the primary studio space, while the ‘Rooms,’ housing task-oriented program, project into the Workshare space. Further these ‘Rooms’ carve the ground plane allowing an interconnected infrastructural system to exist underground. The enclaved ‘Rooms’ confront the user of the Workshare space, enabling an acknowledgment of contingent program as well as their own incognizant occupation of the Stack. We are more inside of the network of data and computation than we are outside of it.