Contingent Flow

Location: Athens, Greece
Type: Infrastructure/Transportation Center
Fall 2017

Contingent Flow is a transportation hub and cultural center in Athens, Greece. The project acts as a central knot unifying disparate neighborhoods along the long walls of antiquity. It services both locals and those traveling regionally throughout Greece.

The transportation hub questions the formality of travel by providing multiple contingent modes of travel. The hub includes a regional train, local subway, bus depot, highway interchange, Helipads and Landing strips. This allows one to travel to the hub and then take any mode of transportation to their final destination.

Contingent Flow asks why the process of travel is always associated with such a formality, and could it operate more freely? Further this project attempts to ramify social connectivity through its programmatic typology and location in a central location of a city. Formally the project is a series of stacked planes, each performing a different mode of transportation. The grid system is founded on the intersection of Greek Motorway 1 and the existing Piraeus Avenue, providing a direct view of the Acropolis. Additionally, there are many vantage points to view different levels so as to all modes of travel simultaneously.