Contingent Array

Type: Computational Design/Fabrication/Form Study
Fall 2017

Contingent Array is a speculation into the formal implications of Contingency. This speculation looks at contingency not in the conventional definition; of alternate plans relying on predictive futures, but rather as something external to ourselves. Something that happens that is not planned or predicted. It follows the logic that all truths exist simultaneously.

The formal implications in this project address Contingency through a series of stacked levels and modes, acting simultaneously and in isolation yet intertwined via its directional array.

Contingent truth operates through a mode similar to Bratton’s “The Stack,” however it is closer to the infinitum of Borges’ Library of Babel. Through this mode, this project begins to study the aesthetic quality, embodying the clear definition of truth, yet the multiplicity of truths existence. The project is implemented through a series of recursive python algorithms attempting to create a closed loop. The fabrication is executed via hacking a CNC Wire Cutter.